Hair transplant is very simple procedure with greater higher success rates and quicker recovery. At Rejoice Hair transplant which is located in the heart of Hair Transplant in Pimple Saudagar. If you want to experience a head full of hair right after the treatment, you are likely in the dark. So, instead of falling down the wormhole of false expectations, it is better that you understand the whole procedure and how it done.

For a healthy good recovery and healthy re growth of your transplanted hair, it is necessary that you follow all the post-operative instructions. If you are not completely aware of the hair transplant recovery time and aftercare instructions, we would appreciate if you take time and read the complete article we made just for you.(Hair Transplant in Pimple Saudagar)


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  1. After Hair Transplant
  2. Hair Transplant: After 5 to 12 Days
  3. Hair Transplant: After 1 Month
  4. Hair Transplant: After 3-4 Months
  5. Enyoying the Hair Transplant
  6. Key points

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1. After Hair Transplant(Hair Transplant in Pimple Saudagar)

The hair transplant is done as an outpatient procedure, it is very likely that you will be discharged quickly after the treatment, once the effect of anesthesia wears off. Our experenced doctors at Rejoice pimple saudagar often advices to have someone to accompany them way back home to avoid any harmful risks.

The patient may get swelling, numbness, and pain right after the treatment. Our doctor will suggest the necessary medications for all this shortcomings to Make sure you recover quickly and With any pain.

The doctor also advices avoiding strenuous and avoid heavy lifting work for a few days to avoid putting excess strain on the treated area on the scalp. The total list of heavy exercises includes lifting anything heavy, bending backwards or forwards for atleast 3-4 days after your treatment.

Once the hair transplant is done by our doctors the transplanted area on the scalp is usually covered in bandages and the patients. Our doctors will give you the instructions about the bandage dressing which you can follow for hair transplant recovery.

The patient is explained  not to wash their hair right after the treatment.

Instead of that you can wash your hair 4-5 days after your hair transplant with a light shampoo and gentle massage  and try not irritating the place of hair transplant, also make a point to use water  multiple times after shampooing to get rid of any remnants. Once that is done, remove the excess moisture from your scalp using paper towels.

You should note a point of not taking any medications like aspirin for few days infact even blowing your nose hard is very risky  and that might also cause wounds to bleed.

Your sleeping position should be at a elevated angel above 45 degrees for best comfort also make sure you don’t sleep on the side of transplant or put more pressure on the hair transplanted area.

Most of the the patients will get back to their respected work in 3 – 4 days after the treatment.

2. Hair Transplant: After 5 to 12 Days

Hair Transplant in Pimple Saudagar

The first three weeks after the hair transplant are very important because it takes the implanted grafts around two weeks to fix themselves on the site of the transplant. The first three weeks are also the time frame when the scalp heals itself.

Since the first 5-12 days is the peak time in the hair transplant recovery, the patient needs to be extremely careful of taking care of their implanted grafts to prevent risks of infection or other issues.

Our doctor will also prescribe you anti – inflammatory drugs to help you managing the pain and the swelling around the transplanted area. Applying ice  will also relieve the pain and ensure quicker donor area recovery after hair transplant.  Apply the  ice cubes for 10 to 20 minutes on the the treated area.

3. Hair Transplant: After 1 Month

Hair Transplant in Pimple Saudagar

The first month after the surgery is when you will notice to see the results. You can expect to the the results of regenerated hair growth from the surface of the scalp.

But, the growth of the new hair after transplantation varies and can even take up to 2 to3 months.

The new hair which grows from the transplanted area will also come out eventually and would grow into spurts. Initially the hair growth will be thin and sharp but after some days it start getting thicker  and slowly healthy. In the first month you will witness scabs on the transplanted area and it is completely normal so you don’t have to worry about it.

Some patients will also see ingrown hair on the transplanted area. However this is temporary and is a sign of positive results of hair regrowth. Avoid taking showers for atleast one month  after the surgery. Even After a month the doctor will advise you to shower carefully with gentle stream.

4. Hair Transplant: After 2-3 Months

At Rejoice pimple saudagar , we make sure you get the right treatment especially when it comes to the results. Some patients will start to see the results fr regrowth from the transplanted area after one month., it might take up to Three-Six  months in others.

You will start getting normal hair cuts with scissors after fourth Month. However ensure that make sure that you avoid using razors for the scalp for next six months.

Third month is when you get to see the actual sign of success. Some patients start seeing 1cm hair grot on the transplanted area which might not seem like a big change however it is essential after hair restoration

In case you witness something off about the site of the treatment, note them down and set up an appointment with your doctor to get all the queries clarified.

5. Enjoying the Hair Transplant

Once you have crossed the third-month mark into the hair transplant recovery, it is likely that you will start noticing gradual progress with the results.

Hair Transplant in Pimple Saudagar

If you notice hair fall around third month consider it absolutely normal thing which happens to everyone. Your complete recovery healing and recovery will take 7 – 12 months. After six months of process you can see the results of your hair growth of new hair however in the time of 9 – 10 months time you will get to know that results are good and also your hair will appear to be denced.

After you hair appears to grow from the transplanted area, there is  absolutely no going backwards. But you need to understand like your real hair follicles even the transplanted once come with limited time frame. This is also one of the reasons why many doctors advice on touch ups every year right after your hair transplant.

Key points

Hair transplant is gaining rapid popularity, and thats why at Rejoice which is located in pimple saudagar in Pune  we have higher success rates and the introduction of new technological advancements.

At Hair Transplant in Pimple Saudagar we understand your and your problem and we make sure you go through pain free treatment wih our experiences staff we make your dream of having good hair possible.

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